Know What is on Your Shelf!

Speaking with salon owners on a daily basis, I get the pleasure of knowing what is going on out there at the salon level. One question that seems to be popping up a lot lately pertains to product selections. “How can my staff possibly know all of these lotions?” If this is a question that you have been asking yourself then read on… Offering a variety of lotions does not mean that you have to stock EVERY lotion! Take a few minutes to do an inventory evaluation. If you have a product (or several products) that are sitting on your shelf collecting dust – meaning that you have not sold one bottle in over two months, then it is time to take that product out of your line up. You can still have a wide range of appealing lotions without it being overwhelming to your employees… or even to the customer. Remember, in order to sell, your employees need to know what the products are, what they do, and who they are for. If you narrow down your selection, they will be able to do this with more confidence and you will see a spike in sales. I strongly suggest you don’t discount the product. It takes away from the perceived value. Instead, throw in free tanning minutes/points/sessions, or give away a FREE spray tan to introduce the service.

A frequently asked question is – “how can my staff possibly know all these products?” good question, so think about what you just asked. If it is overwhelming to you and your staff, think about how the customer feels. Having too many products to choose from can easily overwhelm the client and in turn make them back away from the sale all together. Narrow down the amount of skews you carry. How many bronzers do you need to have? Not that many! Knowing the difference between the lotions and what each lotion does is imperative to make the sale!

There are several different types of lotion: know the difference between these.

• Pure lotions
• Bronzers (Natural, Instant/Cosmetic, Delayed)
• Tingle
• Blush
• Cooling

Jenn Dunn
Jenn Dunn