Bourbon & Honey Moisturizer 18.25 oz.

Devoted Creations

Old fashioned muddled with wheat and rye, and a splash of sweet honey
Oh, Honey! It’s time to wet your whistle with a splash of an old fashioned favorite! This ultra-rich hydrating formula is muddled with wheat, rye, and honey extracts to tighten, tone and fight the signs of aging. This cream deeply rehydrates dry and damaged skin. For classic, refined results... Be someone’s shot of bourbon instead of everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Ultra-Rich Daily Body Moisturizer.
  • Perfect for Dry Winter Skin.
  • Skin Softening and Hydrating.
  • Intensive Hydrating Marshmallow & Tamanu Oil.
  • Honey, Rye & Wheat.
  • Aloe Vera based 24 Hour Moisture.
  • Sensitive Skin Formula.
Fragrance: Bourbon & Honey
Product Actions: Moisturizer
Product Specs: 18.25 US fl. oz. (540mL) pump bottle

Collections: Devoted Creations

Type: Lotions

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