PREempt™ CS20

The Tanning Depot

PREempt CS 20 is a 20 minute chemical sterilant and high level disinfectant. PREempt CS 20’s active Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no active ingredient residue. The safety profile of this 7% Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) solution means there is no special ventilation required. 
Features & Benefits 

Chemical sterilant 

Kills spores in 20 minutes 

Contains hydrogen peroxide which breaks down into water and oxygen 

Ideal for semi-critical and critical devices for which heat sterilization is not suitable 

Allows disinfection for non-autoclavable devices 

14-day reuse once opened 

Only available in Canada 

Collections: Sanitization & PPE

Type: Sanitization

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