Avant™ is a dark tanning optimizer with tingle and hemp seed oil. It is a lightweight, creamy lotion that utilizes a 5 Accelerator Complex to speed up the production of melanin for deep, dark fast tanning results. Blended with Devoted Creations’ newest tingle it will stimulate the skin’s microcirculation to help produce an extremely dark tan. A refreshing pomegranate fragrance will complete your tanning experience!

  • Formulated with a 5 Accelerator Complex to speed up melanin production to achieve fast, dark tanning results.
  • Utilizes a new tingle enhancing formula to stimulate micro-circulation.
  • Vitamins C and E – moisturizes the skin and repairs damage.
  • Hemp Seed Oil provides immediate and long-term moisturizing benefits.

Fragrance: Pomegranate


Collections: Devoted Creations

Type: Lotions

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