So Naughty Nude Wash

Devoted Creations

Beautiful, soft skin starts in the shower. So Naughty Nude™ Body Wash is designed to replenish your skin with our highest concentration of skin softeners and moisturizers, helping to improve skins appearance over time. This unique formula is also non-alkaline, sulfate- & paraben-free, preventing color-fading and allowing for a longer-lasting tan.

  • Non-alkaline Formula cleanses skin without stripping away the bronzing results of DHA self-tanner.
  • Enhances and extends tanning results with a wash formulated with indoor tanners in mind.
  • Sulfate-free Formula to clarify skin and lock in moisture.
  • Paraben-free to help block free radical damage.
  • Helps the skin to retain its natural moisture.

Fragrance: Pink Sugar

Collections: Devoted Creations

Type: Lotions

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