Black Diamond Body

MR International

Flawless diamonds are one in a million, but MRI’s black Diamond has made luxury tanning now within reach. This rare, prestige gem is a cut above the rest providing brilliant black onyx bronzing technology helping you achieve color beyond your wildest dreams, but also packs a punch of the highest concentrations of skin nutrients, cutting edge anti-aging, firming agents, tanning technologies, dark spot correctors and anti- reddening fighters. Luminous diamond dust and champagne extracts bathe the skin in extra hydration and imperfection masking benefits. Treat your skin to the royalty it deserves... You are as rare as diamonds.
• Formulated for Advanced Tanners
• The Ultimate Luxury Experience powered with the newest and highest concentrations and combinations of Tanning and Rejuvenating Technologies
• Ideal for High Performance Equipment
• Black Onyx Bronzing Blend for Immediate and long lasting bronzing, reinforced with Melanobronze
• Gluten Free
• Diamond Essence Fragrance
• Advanced Silicone Emulsion
• Self Adjusting Formula
• Exquisite Airless Pump
• Non-Comedogenic
• Tested for Sensitivity and Irritancy
• Vegan Friendly

Collections: MR International

Type: Lotions

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