iRenew Maintainer

MR International

A Renewal Maintainer for your skin, it extends the benefits of Skin Renewal Treatments, helping to maintain the skin’s Collagen and Elastin for firmer, youthful looking skin. A perfect complement to Red Light Therapy.
• Formulated for All Skin Types
• Formulated for skin health and to maintain the benefits of i Renew Skin Cell Rejuvenators
• Effective levels of Pharmaceutical quality premium anti-aging, skin conditioning, moisturizing and skin renewing complexes
• A perfect daily skin maintainer, use after showering or bathing, ideal for use in conjunction with Red Light Therapy
• Fragrance Free
• Silicone Emulsion
• Easy to Use Tube
• Non-Comedogenic
• Tested for Sensitivity & Irritancy
• Vegan Friendly

Collections: MR International

Type: Red Light

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