Air Brush Cleaner 16oz


Formulated to breakdown and remove tanning bronzers and residue from HVLP Gun/Airbrush tips, nozzles & internal lines.

  • Reduce Bronzer Build-up tanning bronzers can leave residue that overtime can harden and clog spray tips.
  • Lubricate Internal Gun Mechanics keep gun needles and other internal moving parts from sticking or lockin-up for optimum equipment function.
  • Antiseptic Cleanser disinfects the gun interior combating any bacterial growth.

IMPORTANT:  Dihydroxyaceton (DHA) one of the main ingredients found in sunless solution is derived from sugar beets and sugar cane.  These sugars can thicken and harden within lines and spray nozzles creating build-up that can cause undesired spray results, or total system failure.

Proper maintenance of your HVLP Gun/Airbrush ensures  equipment remains in its best condition and fully operational.

Fragrance: Oxygen

Available Size:  16 oz

Collections: Norvell

Type: Spray Tanning

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