SELFIE Double Bubble Body Wash 8 oz.


If you want to wash the day away, but not your tan… you need Selfie Glow’s Double Bubble Body Wash! This ultra-hydrating Coconut Water infused formula will work to cleanse the skin without stripping your color! Added Watermelon extracts give skin the essential nutrients and vitamins you need to keep skin soft, supple, and perfectly bronzed! This exclusive Sulfate Free/ Paraben Free/ Vegan Formula was specially designed for the Selfie Glow user that wants to get the most out of each Selfie Glow Tan!


  • Skin softening formula
  • Cactus Water for skin hydration
  • Watermelon Extract to improve skin’s appearance
  • Coconut Water to cleanse and hydrate without added oils
  • pH Balancers
  • Non alkaline formula
  • Sensitive Skin formula

Fragrance: Mandarin Mimosa

Collections: SELFIE

Type: Skin Care

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