SELFIE Pre-Tan Primer 1.4 Gal


SELFIE’s Pre-Tan Primer is formulated to prepare your skin to absorb the perfect SELFIE Sunless tan by balancing pH levels, hydrating, and cleansing the skin for optimal dark tan absorption. This Coconut water and electrolyte formula will deeply nourish the skin allowing for deeper, darker, and longer lasting SELFIE Sunless results while also allowing for perfectly even coverage every session!


  • Coconut Water – A natural skin balancer that cleanses and hydrates skin
  • Melactiva – a Melanin Stimulator to help develop natural dark, bronze results
  • Electrolyte Blend – improves skin’s moisture barrier, calms redness, and protects against environmental dehydration
  • Rich Plum Extracts – helps reduce fine lines and improves skin’s elasticity
  • pH Balancers – optimize skin’s pH levels for longer lasting, darker and more even sunless tan results
  • Watermelon Extract – 24-hour hydration to improve skin tone and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Fragrance: Mandarin Mimosa

Collections: SELFIE

Type: Spray Tanning

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