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MR International

We are ready to ‘spill the tea’ with major glow-up color! It’s time you let your skin be Trending! This picture perfect extra dark bronzer contains self-care, essential Acai Berry and Pomegranate extracts to help protect skin from free radical damage. Added Caffeine and Green Tea work as natural energizers to help tighten and tone for a flawless, no filter, appearance. We know the competition will be salty, but that’s okay only the elite are Trending!

• Dark Bronzing Blend
• Multiple dark tan activators for natural dark color
• Melanin Stimulators for longer lasting results
• Pomegranate oils and extracts for added hydration
• Rich in Antioxidants
• Skin softening Coconut
• Tightening & Toning
• Anti-aging and firming

• Dark DHA & Natural Bronzers provide immediate and delayed bronzing results
• Super charged dark tanning intensifiers are coupled with multiple melanin stimulators to achieve extremely dark results
• Pomegranate Extracts – Hydrates and softens the skin for longer lasting tanning results
• Acai Berry Extracts – Antioxidant rich to help ward off free radical damage
• Caffeine – Helps to tighten and tone
• Green Tea Extracts – Helps to calm irritated skin
• Coconut Extracts - Deeply hydrating and skin softening
• After Tan Odor Eliminators

Fragrance: Sweet Pomegranate

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Type: Lotions

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