VersaSpa RestoreTan Body Self-Tan Healing Mousse 6.7 oz.


RestoreTan bi-phase, anti-stretch mark treatment with a glow. fades the appearance of stretch marks, reduces inflammation caused by stress on the skin, and helps prevent future stretch marks, all while building a radiant glow.

Gluten Free Paraben Free cruelty Free Non-Comedogenic 100% Vegan Nut Allergy Free

Key Ingredients:

  • Regestril - clinically proven to prevent and reduce stretch marks by slowing down tissue degredation and promotes regeneration of extracellular matrix
  • Darutoside - clinically proven to reduce redness, decrease width and length of stretch marks and improves smoothness of skin
  • RetiSTAR® Retinol - helps improve skin clarity and appearance, skin plumpness, elasticity, and hydration while fighting signs of aging
  • Shea Butter - helps diminish appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue, hydrates and calms the skin
  • Natural DHA & Erythrulose - develops a lasting glow

Fragrance: Seagrass and Sage

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      Type: Skin Care

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